Acca topic 17 sample thesis

Data from government sources like Finance. This was attained through: CFA curriculum and learning outcomes Kaplan Schweser and Finquiz Limitations of gathering Information and Ethical Issues I know accuracy and reliability of the data is the key for my research project. I tried my best to get the data from most reliable source.

Acca topic 17 sample thesis

I have been a bit busy writing.

STEP 7: VRIO Analysis of Acca Topic 17 Sample Thesis:

My word count is around now. However a few things worrying me. If am referencing from let say the UK corporate governance code in textdo I put the whole name of the author e. Its looking ridiculous writing marks and spencer now and again.

When referencing books got in soft copy online as PDFs do I cite them normally as I would cite from a hard copy version or I cite the website I got it from? The idea is the reader should be able to find things quickly on the list and be directed to the exact source.

Remember with Topic 17 a comparator is not mandatory or at least it is not stated as compulsory in the Info Pack.

I recommend it because it helps to show whether the main company is doing well or poorly in CG compared with other companies in its sector. In fact rather than one company you could bring in either Debenhams or Next at various times if relevant e.

In relation to an earlier comment: I think this would add value to the research. Also, have Acca topic 17 sample thesis confusion about the requirement for the business report and the normal academic paper, could you please help to differentiate them?

August 10, at 4: Have you done a statistics course? Do you understand sampling techniques? The next consideration, assuming that you do understand the principles that lie behind good research and primary data collection is how are you going to achieve this? Who would you question anyway — the Board?

Oxford Brookes (OBU) ACCA Applied Accounting RAP Thesis on Topic 8 ‘The Busin ghostwriter [email protected] Oxford Brookes Topic 17 approved sample. Dec 23,  · • The purpose of this report is to evaluate the role of corporate governance in the organization and the impact of it on the major stakeholders. I would. Acca Topic 17 Sample Thesis; Acca Topic 17 Sample Thesis. Words Sep 13th, 31 Pages [pic] OBU RESEARCH ANALYSIS PROJECT TOPIC The quality of the corporate governance within an organization and the impact on an organization’s key stakeholders. Rap Acca Bsc Topic 8 Words | 32 Pages.

They are hardly going to tell you any of the areas that are weak in CG as it would be admittance of failing! As for other stakeholders: What could they and suppliers base their opinions on?

So any research results via a questionnaire would be very subjective or if you did manage to get the company to answer any questions for you, are likely to be biased.

Doing a comparison with other companies in the same sector and against the Code for T17 at least gives some reliable benchmarking — you are comparing facts with facts and it is a far more objective way than asking someone with limited knowledge what they may think.

As I have already alluded to: The most important aspects of this are framing the questions so that they are clear and unambiguous and to ensure that respondents actually understand what is being asked far harder in practice than it sounds and selecting the appropriate sampling frame.

Acca topic 17 sample thesis

The sad fact is that unfortunately most students do not possess adequate appreciation and skills of how to do primary research and therefore the results are usually unreliable and invalid.

It may then add some value to your work but it would still need to be supplemented by doing some comparator analysis or similar benchmarking to increase the objectivity of the results. A business report is less formal than an academic paper. The latter has to be written in the 3rd person and will mainly be written in the passive voice.

It also has a stricter layout and it will normally contain a very thorough literature review of related research. A business report is not so prescribed but you should see the latest Information Pack on what sections need to be included in the RAP.

I already passed the 4 questions on sls although I failed the presentation. If I change to topic 17 will I have to answer the 4 sls questions which I already passed? August 11, at 4: According to the Resubmission Rules it states:Oxford Brookes (OBU) ACCA Applied Accounting RAP Thesis on Topic 8 ‘The Busin ghostwriter [email protected] Oxford Brookes Topic 17 approved sample.

you wish to achieve the BSc degree you must sit and pass all of the three ACCA subjects F7, F8 and F9. No exemption can be given from the Professional Ethics Module or from the Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project (RAP). Progression When you register with ACCA to undertake the ACCA Qualification, you are. Nov 24,  · Acca Rap Topic 8 Sample. 48 technical GrADe ‘A’ rAp relevant to all acca qualification students The following points summarise the RAP markers’ guidelines, which include the criteria that must be satisfied in order to achieve an A grade.

understanding of accounting and business models ‘Grade A – An appropriate choice of theory and concepts. Research and Analysis Project (RAP) submission details for the Oxford Brookes BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting.

Acca topic 17 sample thesis

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