Best vacation spots for college students

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Best vacation spots for college students

For 18 - 35 Young Professionals, Singles and Students Vacation Overview The world's a big place, but for those in the know, South East Asia is on the radar as the continent that has it all with thousands of ways to thrill and chill.

Experience amazing contrasts such as from Thailand's capital, where Mercedes compete with tuk tuks and skyscrapers press against ramshackle shop houses, to the serenity of the postcard-perfect Mekong Delta which is all rice paddy fields, coconut palms and sugar fields being tended by farmers in conical shaped hats.

Experience the unique and intriguing country that is Laos, with its isolated villages, peaceful and spiritual tribes and French colonial past. Be spellbound as you move from Angkor Wat in Cambodia's jungle to the French colonial atmosphere of Phnom Penh, learning about this fascinating country's tortuous past along the way.

This is a tour that allows you to explore and experience all the thrillsand chills of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. It's 61 acres of stunning buildings, gleaming spires and multi-coloured murals.

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A former mountain kingdom, Luang Prabang is now a colourful cultural hub soaked in history. Otherwise, get some friends together and take a trip to the nearby Kouang Si Falls for a swim and a bit of nature.

Sit back on the bank with a Beer Lao and watch daily life, as livestock and produce are loaded onto tiny boats, and locals cool off in the Mekong. Cover more on a bike your Tour Manager can organise one for you. Or maybe you prefer to relax riverside and soak up the chilled-out Lao vibes of this stopover.

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Wind down the day with your friends and catch a sunset at a riverside bar or an island watering-hole. Get your bearings when you take a city tour with our Local Guide and your Tour Manager.

We start with a visit to COPE, a charity project where victims of UXO unexploded ordinanceamong others, learn to use their new prosthetic limbs and train in new work skills.

Your Local Guide knows about the legends behind the golden stupa, its rough past and its restoration. Check out the 45 metre spire rising above the massive lotus petals.

Best vacation spots for college students

Back on land, you can explore more of Siem Reap at your own pace. Start early with a visit to watch the sun rise over Ankor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world.

Our Local Guide will share epic stories of the Khmer Empire, telling you about the sacred sites found here and the Hindu gods that feature on the amazing wall sculptures.

In the afternoon, we return to the temples to take a look at Angkor Thom, with its four massive faces carved out of rock — each one looking towards different compass points. Tonight, play some pool, hang out with your friends and venture down Pub street for a fun night out.

Say goodbye to your travel buddies and Tour Manager.College is a busy time for students. From classes, to sports practice, to club meetings, sometimes all you want is a break.

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There is good news for CSUN students because the campus has some great spots to hang out. Whether you are hanging out between classes or looking to relax after a big exam, here.

The 7 Best Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots for Students. Liz Weiss. Milan may not be the first travel destination on college students' minds, but with a winning mix of big-city splendor, old. Spring Break Hot Spots.

The Las Vegas scene may not be tropical, but it's certainly college. During Spring Break, every day is a good day to party poolside at the MGM Grand's newly renovated Wet Republic. Puerto Vallarta's bars, beach parties and hidden coves are your best bet.

Daytona Beach. While spring break in Daytona Beach may seem. A century after an iceberg put a tragic end to the maiden voyage of the Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland, viewing these ancient wonders is a major springtime attraction in . Visit the post for more. 10 best family holiday destinations in india as the sweltering summer approaches students and teachers start rejoicing in antition of imminent vacations at least scorching sun brings top 10 summer holiday destinations in india to enjoy vacations with family kids coolexample best summer holiday vacations family in india.

Moving north, another of the best New England vacation spots for a cosmopolitan experience is the city of city boasts many historic sites that are part of the beginnings of the United States as an independent country.

The 7 Best Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots for Students