Danger of raves and club drugs

Recovery From Addiction Club drugs are a group of drugs that are often used at nightclubs and large dance parties. People typically use them to enhance their experiences at these events. But the effects of club drugs can be dangerous, potentially leading to overdose or injuries. Chronic club drug abuse has serious long-term consequences, such as impaired cognitive function and addiction.

Danger of raves and club drugs

Home Personal accounts of paranoia We think paranoid worries are very common but that they are rarely discussed. People seldom share their experiences of having unfounded or excessive suspicious thoughts.

However it can be helpful to hear that others have similar thoughts and it can also be beneficial to write about our own suspicious thoughts.

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Therefore in this section we are keen for people to send us brief written accounts of their paranoid or suspicious experiences up to words.

We will try to post these accounts on the website here. Send in your story email paranoidthoughts psych. The accounts may also be used in future publications to provide illustrations of common paranoid and suspicious thoughts.

You can put your real name or you can put a fictional name. We want people to start to talk about paranoid experiences more!

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Examples of suspicious thoughts from website visitors Sally, USA I have always been afraid of the dark. As i got older it has progressed.

Danger of raves and club drugs

It isn't as much the dark that I'm afraid of now, it's the feeling of what may be in the room that i cannot see. I always feel like someone is there, and is going to either kidnap, rape, or kill me. Many times when I am home alone I feel that someone is going to break in and kill me.

I always feel that someone is there. I have to look through my entire house in every room and closets to reassure myself that i am truly alone. It happens when I am babysitting for other families as well.

At home I check under my bed and close my closet and bedroom door. Unfortunately it doesn't have a lock. When I go into the bathroom Danger of raves and club drugs check behind the shower curtain, I don't really think there is someone behind it, I just check as a nervous habit. I check behind doors as well.

When I fall asleep I make sure that my feet are covered, otherwise I feel that someone is going to pull me out of bed, or cut them off.

I also sleep with the phone next to me so I have it in case of emergency. Ever since I knew about such things, I always feel like someone is going to take me away and rape me.

This gives me many nightmares and bad visions. Also, when I hear certain little noises it really worries me. It's usually nothing, but it gets my mind thinking about every worst possible cause.

Tim, London I am nearly 21 and over the last 6 months I have noticed that I am becoming extremely paranoid of those around me especially my friends and colleagues at work, all I think about is that they are plotting to screw me over or take advantage of me to better themselves and its driving me insane!

I cannot trust anyone and don't want to talk or interact with anyone. I used to use a lot of different varieties of recreational drugs up until I realised that something was wrong and still drink is tlarge amounts of alchol which I suppose doesn't help but it seems the only release for me at the moment and I feel like there is no-one to turn to!

Sarah, UK I had an argument with a friend and we don't speak anymore. I'm now paranoid that she is going to kill me as she came to stay at my house a couple of times and knows where I live.

I had thoughts last year that my housemate was trying to kill me and poison me. I even forced myself to throw-up some food he had given me as I was scared it would kill me.

I smoked alot of bud and calmed myself down, then in March I took alot of coke, pills and skunk in one night and got convinced the guy who I was with my dealer could hear my thoughts and was communicating with me through the t.

Now whenever I even smoke weed I think everyone can hear my thoughts and start thinking everything in life is related to me, like films me and my friends may watch or music we listen to.

It is damn annoying and I really hope I'm not the only one out there. Mary, UK Thanks to everyone who posted, it's all helpful stuff that I will be trying form now on. I'm very paranoid about stuff to do with work, I'm a manager in a big office department and I'm convinced everyone is out to get me and that everyone is talking about me behind my back all the time and waiting for me to fail.

Every time I make a mistake, I feel like everyone is gleeful that I have done so, as if this only serves to prove my incompetence.

What Are Club Drugs? Effects, Types, List of Street Names

I also dwell on situations that have happened months ago and imagine that my friends are always talking about me. And the worse point is when I try to go to sleep at night, all the things that are on my mind just whirr wound my head incessantly and I find it really difficult to clear my head.

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MDMA or ecstasy (often abbreviated "E" or "X") was first synthesized in by Merck chemist Anton Kollisch in an effort to create a substance that stopped out-of-control bleeding.

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By the late 's, ecstasy, the "feel good drug" has hit the club scenes in Dallas, Texas. A year later, the hallucinogenic drug had moved overseas and by the mid 's, was the drug of choice at raves (parties). Confusion is a common side effect of almost all of these club drugs, especially with the trio of depressant, dissociative anesthetic and sedative medications most commonly used as “date rape” drugs – GHB, Ketamine, and Rohypnol.

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Trends in drug use: The rave phenomenon in the United States has increased the frequency of use of club drugs. In a study of ecstasy (a popular club drug) use in raves, 89% of rave attendees reported using ecstasy at least once, and nearly 50% reported use within the past month.

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