Develop the route that gives the highest sales potential for the day your boss works with you

You and I — and pretty much every professional artist in the history of the universe — understand how hard it is to make a living from original work… The pain comes in different ways: The disappointment of boxing up your books after a slow convention. The extended embarrassment of a failed crowdfunding campaign.

Develop the route that gives the highest sales potential for the day your boss works with you

For your passion score, add up the odd-numbered items above. For your perseverance score, add up the even-numbered items.

Chances are, your perseverance score is higher than your passion score.


People tend to be better at working hard than at maintaining a consistent focus. Duckworth claims this suggests passion and perseverance are different things. The Goal Hierarchy Visualize your goal setting as a hierarchy, with multiple levels: The low-level goals are your day to day actions — writing emails, going to meetings, jogging for an hour, reading this Grit summary.

We do these goals as means to an end of a higher-level goal — such as executing a project or looking good to your boss. If you continue asking yourself why you do things, these form progressively higher level goals, until you ultimately have no answer — you simply want to do something just because.

This is your highest-level goal that is an end in itself. This ultimate goal is what should drive every action at lower levels. Furthermore, the low-level goals are not to be held sacred. If you fail on a low-level goal, another can take its place.

If you find a new low-level goal that is more effective or feasible or fun, you can swap it out for another. If you find reading management books or this Grit summary to be more effective than chatting on Slack, then you can swap the two as a low-level goal.

When well-constructed, a goal hierarchy promotes grit — if all your activities are in pursuit of your highest-level goal, then your everyday activities apply effort toward your goal. I think this also suggests that deliberate design of a goal hierarchy can reduce the willpower needed to persevere — if you make it a habit, then you execute it without internal friction.

No lower-level goals This person has a dream goal, like playing in the NBA or becoming a billionaire. Mid-level goals without a top-level goal This person has frictions between multiple goals, without a unifying theme.

This makes it difficult to tell when goals are in direct conflict with each other, so some goals actually negate others.

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The absence of an ultimate goal may also make your energy feel purposeless. It may feel like spinning your wheels — applying a lot of effort without going in any particular direction. Warren Buffett suggests this exercise for prioritization: Write a list of 25 career goals.

Circle the 5 highest priority goals for you. These are your distractions. Also, consider whether some of them contribute more to your ultimate concern than others. Are you enjoying this Grit summary? Leave this field empty if you're human: Grit Grows All behavioral traits have contribution from genetics and from the environment.

Develop the route that gives the highest sales potential for the day your boss works with you

When a trait changes rapidly in a population over time, this suggests environment is the major cause. For instance, the average male height increased from 5 feet 5 inches in to 5 feet 10 inches today.

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Similarly, the Flynn effect finds that the average IQ today, calibrated to standards, would be somewhere around Instead, the environment better nutrition for height, and more abstract reasoning work for IQ is the major contributor.

Duckworth tries to apply this logic to show that grit has some portion due to environment and is malleable. Time to go home. Supposedly, the rest of the contribution is from the environment.

Also, in a survey of US adults, grit rises steadily over age: Here are possible explanations for this: Maturation could be genetically programmed — evolutionarily, grit may not be as beneficial in early years when seeking mates, and may be more helpful later when caring for a family.

Older people could have endured more hardship throughout their lives e. Maturation happens naturally over time as people learn that grit is a successful strategy for accomplishing goals, and that the opposite — quitting plans, shifting goals, starting over — leads to failure and is unsatisfying.Your task is develop special sales teams to sell specialized metal finishing products to highly targeted customers.

The first product features anodizing equipment that manufacturers of such things as electronic devices and automotive parts use to coat titanium with a layer of metal oxide. But if you notice your boss asks your colleagues about their weekends, kids, or new puppies but not yours, then this is a bad sign, Kerr said.

15 / You hear only from your boss when you screw up. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

Develop the route that gives the highest sales potential for the day your boss works with you

The so-called Camp Fire in Northern California in many ways has become the worst wildfire the history of a state whose topography and climate have. In many ways, pitching someone in a sales email is a lot like shopping for your boss or in-laws: you want to impress your potential customer with the benefits your .

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There are many careers that you can obtain without an actual degree, but most require either a trade school certification, or just time on the job and working your way up through the ranks. A trade school certificate can be obtained in as soon as six months, or as long as four years.

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