Excellence and mediocrity

It should seem obvious that the pursuit of excellence in everything you do would be the surest road to maximizing your potential, yet so few of us strive to do just that. Why is it so difficult to go the extra mile or put in the extra effort or even to make that extra telephone call to a prospective customer, when doing so is the obvious difference between being merely average versus that of being head-and-shoulders above the competition?

Excellence and mediocrity

Have you ever wondered why your bosses question you more than they question your colleagues? Why do some people complete more at Excellence and mediocrity than you do?

In order to achieve excellence at work and go beyond the mediocre, there are some often overlooked work ethics. To be fair, these work ethics are not only ignored by newbies at work, some who has been in the job world for longer tend to overlook these too.

If you have caught asking yourself why you have been passed over for that promotion, why you get a lot more dissatisfaction from fellow colleagues, perhaps it is time for you to consider these.

But one of the most often asked questions I get tend to lean towards wanting a quick answer. Questions to how do I know if this job or work is for me? Truth is no one knows. The more you think about questions like these the more it will affect your work.

To achieve excellence at work, you need to do. The great thing about doing is that it allows you to discover.

You just need patience. Urgency How do you become excellent at work? Learn to put some urgency into your work. I bet you will immediately see yourself complete more. It just means sticking to your time lines. It means not sitting on work that is supposed to be completed today. Realize that time is limited.

What needs to be done now has to be done NOW. There is no waiting and saying that I can still make it. There is no saying I have too much on my plate now.

Everyone has too much on their plate! Those are excuses for mediocre workers. It means a delay in your own achievements. Daily Goals Too much has been talked about long-term goals these days.

Excellence and mediocrity

We forget that long-term goals depend on you achieving medium-term goals and medium-term goals depend on you achieving your daily goals.

How many of you have daily goals and how many actively go about completing the tasks to be done for the day? You want to achieve satisfaction and excellence at work?

Try some urgency, completing your daily goals by understanding that the concept of payback does not work well, not without a price and you must DO in order to understand.Pursuing excellence rather than settling for mediocrity is what you’re called to do in life.

It is your calling in your work, your career, your ministry, your marriage, and your life in general. You were created to produce excellence.

A Good Story

Striving for mediocrity in a world of excellence. Striving for mediocrity in a world of excelence, The Chaser is a media empire which rivals Rupert Murdoch’s .

On Mediocrity, Excellence, and Perfection Giving up this one thing can create a domino effect that will skyrocket your business. By Danny Iny .

Excellence and mediocrity

The difference between mediocrity and excellence is midnight oil, elbow grease, and the power of God. When I was still in school, I developed the terrible habit of settling for mediocrity.

I was a B- student with a GPA of The Motivational and Inspirational Corner is dedicated to helping Americans recapture and rekindle that winning spirit we each hold deep down inside of ourselves.

It is our goal to help every American uncover his or her hidden niche in life, that one super special thing he or she loves so much that he or she would do them for free, and then fashion a lifetime adventure around it. In Assessing Business Excellence, Leslie J.

Porter and Steve Tanner state that the involvement of people in the continuous improvement and transformation of business processes is a fundamental theme that runs through all quality improvement, process improvement, and excellence approaches.

By definition, this requires measurement .

Excellence vs. Mediocrity: What’s Your Choice?