Frozen foods business plan in nigeria newspapers

Like I always say, any business that is food related has a potential to become big, it will only depend on how serious the business owner is and how much capital is available to run the business. The frozen food business owes its top flight business status to the continually growing population, the increasing bustling nature of the average Nigerian family, especially those with a working class status.

Frozen foods business plan in nigeria newspapers

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The rising demand for it is further boosted by increasingly busy lifestyle of most Nigerian families, especially the middle class. Unlike in the rural areas where fresh food is readily available, the story is not the same in urban areas and for this reason frozen food is preferred for convenience and ease of preservation.

For instance, a kilogram of frozen chicken goes for a minimum of N It can even cost above a thousand naira depending on the size and location. That is why the business is very profitable. However, one cannot just start the business without putting some things into consideration.

Frozen foods business plan in nigeria newspapers food business has some level of risk as well as cost considering. The problem of electricity experienced in the country also add up to the cost of running the business. So in setting up the business, one should consider these factors very carefully.

But if you are able to get everything properly done, you are sure of good patronage and consistent profit. Average standard frozen food store makes N, profit monthly some make much more than that while some make less in anyway, it is a good business. For you to get started in frozen food business in Nigeria, there are things you need to put in place.

Below are some of the requirements. While planning your businessa lot of things come into play. This is the period you do a thorough feasibility study regarding the business. Do not be ignorant of the fact that there is competition.

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There are people in the business already and more will likely to come in after you start. In case, the business idea is not clear to you, seek professional advise.

Generally, business plan involves all that will be needed for the intended business from take-off time until it grows gradually to a big business.

Raise Your Business Capital This is very essential, especially if you want a one-man business. Before thinking of starting anything like business venture, there must be money set aside for it.

The scale you start from is determined by the amount of capital available to you. You can source for your start u p capital through multiple means Read: Apart from the fact that equipment need to be purchased and the refrigerators needs to be stocked with goods, you need money for maintenance and running cost.

Well Equipped Frozen Food Store in Nigeria You have to put all these into consideration while raising your startup capital. Make enough budget to cover your expenses after setup. It will take at lease three months for you to build your customer base before you starts seeing appreciable profit.

Decide on Your Product Line There are a lot of food items that can be sold frozen, so, you choose the ones to start with. Seafood and poultry products appear to be in greater demand than fruits. It is better to start with the ones that are more in demand before expanding to various types.

The essence is to know which products and its type customers in that particular locality prefer most. For instance if you want to start with fish and chicken, what specie of fish do people in that area consume more.

That will give you an idea of which one to start with. Also remember that if you are going to start with maybe fish and poultry food, that means there will be two refrigerators.

Reason being that fish gives an awful smell and not everybody eats it. Storing it together with chicken will give you bad business.

frozen foods business plan in nigeria newspapers

It means that those who hates fish because of the smell or for other reasons may not be able to buy your chicken as well. Select Suitable Location Some business thrive more in certain locations because of the level of consumption of the product involved.

Advice on Starting a Successful Business If the profit is abysmal, then reconsider using another location that may be more suitable for your frozen food business. Usually, businesses do not make huge profit in the first two years of inception because of the initial costs incurred.


However, if it is one that will succeed, the glimpse of survival will be seen within months.No doubt frozen food business is lucrative if well managed. Starting the business won’t be hard for you since you have a bit knowledge about it.

Cost of starting frozen food business in Nigeria conveniently with two shops, . A frozen food business plan should take into account these unique challenges while also charting a business model that can profitably produce and distribute the product in your business location.

Here below is a business plan for you to follow for your business. If you cannot write a Frozen Food business plan for yourself, you can buy our Frozen Food business plan in Nigeria. To place order, pay N10, to: BANK NAME: FIRST BANK PLC ACCOUNT NAME: CHIBUZOR TOCHI ONYEMENAM ACCOUNT NUMBER: After payment, text your full name, email address and title (frozen food .

Advantages of Frozen Food in Nigeria. Frozen produce helps to maintain the flavor and nutrients of the food. It is cost effective, because frozen foods keep longer than fresh refrigerated foods because the freezing process suspends enzyme activity that .

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Introduction to frozen foods business in Nigeria. Frozen food business isn’t a new name in Nigeria, matter of fact it is a household business name. Despite the fact this business has been around for a while, it is disappointing to note that many Nigerians have failed to see the amazing potentials in this business.

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