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By the time the band got to the 7th album JAZZ, it seems that the band was doing a little assessment of where they had been musically since their debut "Queen I" was released in

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Click here for a playlist! Also an update on music uploads. Update October 26th, Chat not working? Update Many of you have been asking me why the java fix that we originally found is not working anymore.

We have found a few things that work for some people, from reinstalling java to trying to new browsers. Unfortunately, we do not have solutions for every person, and again, we do not know why. We suspect that the chat itself needs an update, though this has not been confirmed by anybody.

We understand the chatroom has been slow lately as well, and this is obviously part of the reason. I apologize about this, but if the solutions we have found do not work for you, then there is nothing more we can do to help you get into the chatroom.

As for uploads, many of you have been asking why they haven't been happening. I am VERY sorry about the long wait, but the wait is almost over. I have been extremely busy moving states, and it's taken me a lot longer than I would like to admit.


The short story is that the apartment I'm going to move into is still being renovated, and I've been living in a place where my computer does not have an internet connection. This will be remedied here in about a week.

I move into my apartment in less than a week from now, and then as soon as I get an internet connection set up, I will be taking my first day off after that just uploading all day. I hope to get at least 30 songs out that day, so be ready for that. Afterwards, uploads will continue at a regular pace.

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Please just be a little more patient, and songs will be back soon. Some of you have been asking why I don't let other people upload songs, and the simple answer is that I don't own the site. That is not my choice to make. If any of you have questions about any of this, or anything at all for that matter, please feel free to message me.

Keep your eyes out all day for them! January 19th, I have reached the point where I am going to attempt to upload at least one song every single time I visit the website. What does this mean? It means that every time I open the internet, I open up five or six different pages, Gendou being one of them.

I will open a random page, click on a random song, and upload it. This is not necessarily true anymore. I am starting to use the voting system more so now that I've got back into the groove of things. Please keep voting for songs you want released! I open the internet multiple times a day on occasion, and will also attempt to upload a song every time I open the internet every day.

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This could mean just one song a day, or maybe even six songs a day. Only the future knows for sure, but expect to see more songs regularly from now on!

I have made a thread in the forums specifically to discuss anything posted on the home page.

If no songs are uploaded on any given day, it means I was extremely busy that day and just had no time. If this happens, I will attempt to make up for it by releasing more than one song. Message me for questions about this.

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This is because of the new security levels of Java seeming to block Gendou, and it's content.Oct 06,  · TAEYEON's first solo album "I" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes TAEYEON O.

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PPL licenses recorded music played in public and distributes the fees as royalties to its members. Ethiopian music - Amharic mezmur - ሙዚቃ - መዝሙር - ኦርቶዶክስ - ፕሮቴስታንት - መንዙማ - ኢንስትሩመንታል, EthioGospel songs,Ethiopia music, Ethiopia musica,ግጥምና ትረካ - Ethio collections - .

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