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Surrounded by Myanmar, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur from various sides, Nagaland is world famous for its rare tribal ethnicity, natural opulence and cultural grandeur. The state remained less explored for a very long time and perhaps due to this reason we do not have much written account of its history.

Naga poetry

The NSCN was formed in opposition to the Shillong Accord, a agreement between the Naga National Council, an organisation of Naga people that had led a secessionist movement since the s, and the government of India. The accord required the Naga rebel groups to surrender their arms and accept the supremacy of the Indian constitution.

The founders of the NSCN believed that the accord had compromised on the demand for a sovereign Naga state that included Naga-inhabited districts in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Assam.

Subsequently, the ceasefire agreement was repeatedly extendedbut no permanent solution to the Naga struggle could be reached.

The contents of the agreement were not disclosed to the public. He was arrested in September from Kathmandu airport while on his way to India from Bangkok, allegedly for negotiating an arms deal with a Chinese company.

On 4 Augusta special court of the National Investigative Agency released Shimray on bail after the public prosecutor pleaded that his release was in interest of the peace negotiation between the Nagas and Indian government. On 29 December, Sagar, a web reporter with The Caravan, met Shimray, and later continued the conversation over the phone.

Shimray discussed the contents of the framework agreement, his arrest, and the history of the Naga peace process since How many rounds of talks have happened so far in the peace process? Maybe or more than that. Who made the first approach this time? The peace process has been going since The first time, it was led by Rajesh Pilot, in He was sent [to Bangkok] as an emissary by Narasimha Rao, the then prime minister [of the Congress-led government of What did you discuss?

It came after three former commander-in-chiefs [had unsuccessfully attempted to conduct talks on behalf of the Indian government]. They published a statement saying that a military solution in Naga areas is not possible. It has to be through political talks. Did you trust the government when they came up with the proposal?

After the follow up of Shillong Accord, you unleashed all military might: I was surprised to see him that way. But the way he treated us, it was a very friendly conducive atmosphere.

The government saw the Naga issue as a law-and-order problem and we are not going to accept that. Later on [in ], the peace process started.

Today, Naga society groans in great pain owing to lack of Stability, Prosperity, Fraternity and Justice. This has become a serious socio-political misadventure necessitating prompt rectification here and now. Writers’ Gig (WG), Bicol’s regular poetry show celebrated its first anniversary last Sunday, March 4, at Sosimo RestoBar, in Magsaysay Avenue, this city. It was the tenth since its debut on March 5, at the old Wharf Galley, formerly located in downtown Naga. LONGING FOR LIBERATION: NAGA CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE POEMS OF EASTERINE KIRE IRALU Arti Nirmal1 Nagaland is a vibrant hill state located at the fag end of North Eastern region of India.

Did the talk take place in India? The talk was in Bangkok. There were three conditions for the Indo-Naga peace talks: Did the government keep its word to you?

Complete e-platform for Manipuris. A Platform for Manipuries to showcase their rich cultural heritage and talents. Manipur's First Online News Service. Bicol literature is about Bicol. By Juan Escandor Jr. Bicol Mail. Short of a distinctive definition of Bicol literature, writers attending the fourth quadrennial Bicol writers’ conference “Pagsurat Bikol”, held recently at the Ateneo de Naga University, took comfort with the fact that Bicol is in their hearts and minds when they weave pieces of literary work. Easterine Kire published her first book of poetry in titled "Kelhoukevira". This was also first book of Naga poetry published in English. Her novel "A Naga Village Remembered" published in was the first novel by a Naga writer in English.

That time, of course, they kept their word. But after Narasimha Rao, there was a gap. It was to recognise the unique history of Naga. He recognised that we were not terrorists and are fighting for political rights. Our leaders really appreciated that kind of statement.

What was the progress during Manmohan Singh government? Was it a complete disengagement? Yes, because there was no clear-cut policy. What did the Manmohan Singh government tell you when you approached them?

They see me as threat.NAGA CITY, Philippines—Bicol’s literary world is entering a “renaissance” period as new books and other works emerge due to growing writers’ interest and access to publishing houses.

Naga Republic News Plastic Pollution facts: Every year the world uses billion plastic bags Each year, at least 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans, the equivalent of a full garbage truck every minute. In the last decade, we produced more plastic than in the whole last century 50 per [ ].

Stopped at a red light, I grip the steering wheel hard, worried I’ll be late. All the gripping in the world. won’t make the light change. faster. Ancient Naga Head Hunters: Lives And Tales In Prose And Poetry [Tsuknung Penzu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

People around the World know that the forefathers of the present Naga people were head Tsuknung Penzu. Elancharan இளஞ்சேரன் haiku, monostich, Poetry 2 Comments August 1, 0 Minutes a man vomits in the back of the bus another man plays his song out for all the passengers two are asleep three more are pretending to be dead don’t mind me the .

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Naga poetry

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