Netw202 week1 lab report

Lifelong challenges which include career path choices, personal wellbeing, and lifetime goals are constantly evaluated; seeking to achieve a greater result. It was found that my given unknown solid 11 shared similar properties with the unknown solid 1.

Netw202 week1 lab report

Week 1 Essay

Paste the requested screenshot. Provide the requested answer. In your own words, summarize what you have learned concerning network commands available within the Windows operating system. Another take away learning from this lab was how to enable debugging to see more underlying process details when we pinged the server address.

Academically, as I continue to learn more Cisco CLI commands, it will give me an advantage in doing more of these exercises in future networking courses.

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Professionally, if I need to manage or configure Cisco devices in my career, this exercise has helped me learn that process. Copy and paste the following screenshots from Add in graphics from the internet to enhance your answers and be sure to cite your references.

Each question is worth 1 point each 1. What are the following cable types used for and how are they made? How are they different?

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Crossover cable Rollover cable Straight through cable 3. What are the A and B termination color code standards? What are the A and B pinout standards? This is confusing terminology so how are they different? How many conductors or wires are there in a UTP cable?

How many pairs? What is a punch down tool and how do you use it? The punch down tool used to insert the wires into a jack such as this does what two things to each wire? What is crosstalk and how does it affect performance?

What is the most critical part of the termination procedure to ensure low crosstalk on the connection?

Netw202 week1 lab report

How is the outer insulation covering each wire cut through during the termination procedure? What might an application be for each type? References: Add in if you use external references besides the textbook.May 25,  · Sci Week 5 Ilab Essay Words | 3 Pages.

Week 5 iLab 1. Exercise 1. The Montreal Protocol and its subsequent amendments resulted in the elimination of . xxxxxxx NETW, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx iLab #1 Using Windows Applications as Network Tools Lab (17 points) Write a paragraph (minimum five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this iLab, what you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week’s TCOs and other course material; and just as important, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and.

Lab Report #1. Lab #1 “Who has the same solid that I have?” Abstract Different Physical and chemical tests were performed on 10 numbered unknown solids and the results of all tests were compared as a class to try and determine which groups had the same unknown solids based on similarities in properties.

View Lab Report - NETW_W1_Lab_Report_week1 from NETW at DeVry University, Chicago. NETW Week 1 Lab Report Omari White NETW, Professor Pollin %(4). View Lab Report - NETW_W1_Lab_Report from NETW at DeVry University, Chicago.

NETW Week 1 Lab Report Lab Grading Rubric Category Points 93%(14). Nov 03,  · NETW Week1 Lab Report. Topics: IP address, Your Name NETW, Professor’s Name Current Date Lab #3 Lab Report Section I: Watch the videos on the UTP cabling, read your course material and answer the questions below.

Add in graphics from the internet to enhance your answers and be sure to cite your references.

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