Plain doughnut essay

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Plain doughnut essay

Photo by Greg Clifford. The Maharaj was quite clear that all personalities, including his own, and all memories of personal history, are ultimately an illusion, devoid of any real, lasting substance, for there is only the one supra-personal Divine Self.

When asked about his past, the Maharaj declared that there is no such thing as the past—nothing has ever really happened! Bearing this in mind, we shall speak on the conventional level, the level of historical Plain doughnut essay within the dream of life, to note something of the sage Nisargadatta's earth-side history.

His deeply religious parents named him Maruti in honor of the festival that day honoring the birth of Hanuman, the fabled monkey-king hero of the Ramayana epic poem, selfless helper of Lord Rama, and son of wind-god Marut.

Older accounts put Maruti's birth in March, but we now know that the Hanuman Jayanti that year was on April This was because his father Sivrampant, who had been employed by a merchant in Bombay, had moved the family to the countryside in when a plague-epidemic broke out in that bustling port city.

We learn from a biographical booklet that "Maharaj's father Shivrampant Kambli and mother Parvatibai were both ardent devotees They made no distinction as between Siva and Vishnu.

His father loved to sing bhajans [devotional songs], especially loudly as do the followers of [the] Varkari Plain doughnut essay. Phadol, Meet the Sage: Though he received little or no formal education, he was exposed to spiritual ideas by quietly listening to and absorbing the conversations between his father Sivramprant and the latter's friend, Visnu Haribhau Gore, a pious brahman.

Sivrampant died inand ina year-old Maruti came to Bombay after his older brother to find work to help support the family back home. At first he landed a job as an office clerk, but then he took the initiative to move out on his own, eventually becoming prosperous in business as the owner of a chain of small retail shops with employees, selling sundry items like cutlery and garments, but primarily tobacco and bidis, hand-rolled leaf cigarettes.

InMaruti married a young woman named Sumatibai. Their family came to include a son and three daughters.

At the continuing behest of his friend Yasvantrao Bagkar, in late Maruti finally visited Sri Siddharamesvar Maharaja sage of the Navnath Sampradaya, a line of householder gurus tracing its origins to legendary avataras Divine incarnations Gorakhnatha also sometimes traced further back to Lord Dattatreya.

The Navnath lineage taught the sublime philosophy and direct, nondual realization of Absolute Being-Awareness. He was given a mantra, and, upon receiving it, began to recite it diligently. Within minutes, he inwardly experienced a dazzling illumination of varied colors and fell into samadhi, complete absorption into the unitary state of non-dual awareness.

After more than a year of association with Siddharamesvar, Maruti was asked to give spiritual discourses on numerous occasions. We learn, for instance, that he gave a series of 12 discourse-commentaries on spiritual books at the hometown of his friend Bagkar in Maruti began to impress people, not only with his cognitive understanding of spirituality but also his radiant exemplification of Truth.

Plain doughnut essay

In those days, he gave spontaneous talks to anyone coming to his shop seeking his spiritual wisdom. Some brought their sick relatives to him, hoping for cures.

He sent the afflicted to a cafe at the street corner, telling them to drink a glass of water therein—and in doing so, they were often healed.

Siddharamesvar learned of this and asked Maruti to stop intending such healings, which are trivial in light of the need for spiritual awakening from the ultimate "dis-ease" of identifying with the body-mind personality.

Nevertheless, over the years, many miracles and synchronicities still occurred. As he later told a dear disciple and successor, Jean Dunn: His objective was for me to merge in the Absolute instead of reveling in my beingness. Nisargadatta became primarily interested only in practicing the meditation as prescribed by his Guru and singing devotional bhajan songs.

In his meditations, Nisargadatta experienced strange and colorful divine lights, various divine forms of God and saints, visions of beautiful landscapes never seen before, and deep trance states of samadhi. Nisargadatta himself tells of his time with his Guru, and what transpired in the more mature phase of his spiritual practice sadhana: My association with my Guru was scarcely for two and a half years.

He was staying some kilometers [ miles] away, and he would come here once every four months, for fifteen days. This [realization] is the fruit of that.Making Doughnuts Essay; This doughnut shop was owned by a French chef named Joe LeBeau.

Chef LeBeau had a secret doughnut recipe that he included in the sale of the shop. This recipe that Vernon bought is used to make those wonderfully delicious glazed doughnuts that Krispy Kreme is known for world wide.

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