Shanthi poultry analysis

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Shanthi poultry analysis

Download PDF Abstract After completion of human genome sequencing inmost of the researchers in biological science were involved in sequencing of other living organism to discover various uncovered facts of living system. And at the same time molecular biologist also were involved in proving of Shanthi poultry analysis basic central dogma concept and were doing extensive researches to show that how every complication and functionality was interrelated to human genome and DNA.

With the help of system biology study and geneticist, complete world was generating enormous amount of data in field of biological research. To handle this huge data in files and experimental log books was getting difficult day by day, then bioinformatics came into picture to handle large data with help of computer and hence termed as computational biology also.

Initially it was just a technique or tool to arrange data in particular fashion, Shanthi poultry analysis with its fast popularity and acceptance with major biological research areas, it is now a complete different field of study and expertise.

It is now associated with most of the areas in biological researches being carried out in almost all over the world. It is widely accepted in field of molecular biology, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, biotechnology, and agriculture by researchers and even in veterinary science researches also.

Key words Bioinformatics, Biological research, Proteomics, Agriculture Introduction Biological research is the most fundamental research to understand complete mechanism of living system.

Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India.

In recent decades, bioinformatics methods, with the use of knowledge accumulated in public databases such as NCBI, Pubmed and other databases, make it possible to systematically dissect large gene lists in an attempt to assemble a summary of the most enriched result in current biology [ 12 ], which is able to provide a huge contribution to biological research.

In the same contrast, bioinformatics scanning approaches are emerging as alternative technologies that allow investigators to simultaneously measure the changes and regulation of genome-wide genes under certain biological conditions. These high-throughput technologies usually generate large gene of biological research interest lists as their final outputs [ 34 ].

If we see earlier traditional biological researches, we were able to study one gene or a few genes at a time [ 5 - 10 ].

Shanthi poultry analysis

But after introduction of bioinformatics and regularly generation of research database around world and keeping them publically available online to support biological researchers was a very unique idea and beneficial for new researcher as well as the scientists working in same research interest in different geographical location in this world [ 11 - 15 ].

Initially the complete aim of bioinformatics was just to handle data in biological research, but with increasing popularity and involvement of tool development to analyze data in a lesser time to complete research in fast and efficient manner [ 16 - 18 ], bioinformatics has acquire a bigger place than it was expected to.

In later segment of review we can see how these tools and techniques have affected our biological research. It is a complete bridge which relates mathematics, computer and statistical science to biological research [ 19 - 23 ].

Tools and Technique Bioinformatics is partly based on tools and technique used earlier to get complete analysis of biological experiments in a shorter period of time. The main aim of developing these tools was to perform those analysis tasks, which were very much time consuming and without which research cannot be taken further [ 24 - 31 ].

BLAST was acronym for basic local alignment searching tool [ 32 - 39 ], which is now a day very popular among molecular biologist for their initial studies, and even for structural biologist who prefer to perform this before showing any structural and functional similarity between two genes.

Similarly for phylogenetic analysis also bioinformatics tools were developed and they were capable of generating various tree based on algorithms like UPGMA, and Neighbor joining methods etc [ 49 - 56 ]. These tools were designed with the help of computer algorithms and with root developing platform of computer languages [ 57 ].

Human Genome Sequencing Human genome sequencing was the basic foundation for origin and evolution of this particular domain of biological research tool. This experiment was very big and time consuming and expected to reach its completion at some later point of time, but still it was completed 2 years early than it was expected to [ 66 - 72 ].

A detailed draft was reported in to show human genome project. This project was initially led by a student named Jim Kent. This project was world's largest collaborative biological project and showed big promises in field of molecular medicine and human evolution [ 74 - 81 ].

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Although people were thinking about handling this huge data and keeping it safe, but this was just the beginning of research in molecular biology, after completion of this research project various related project were started to make new holes to understand biological machinery [ 81 - 87 ].

Molecular Biology Data World has seen enormous amount of data generated by molecular biologists and the difficulties to handle them in previous decades during 20th century. After human genome project, there was a flood of biological research in field of molecular biology and biotechnology started, which was a great source of huge experimental data and to handle that bioinformatics came in existence [ 88 - 94 ].

Bioinformatics made all the data available online and very efficiently able to manage, modify and replace the complete data in a very shorter duration. Usually molecular biology experiments have lots of analysis and hence generate large data [ 95 - ], that is why bioinformatics was first of all applied to molecular biology experimental data, but later on it was accepted by almost all fields of biological research.

Structural Bioinformatics It is most emerging part of biological science. In this area mainly scientists focus on structure prediction by sequence similarity basis.

Shanthi poultry analysis

They follow a common theory that if there is a sequence similarity, there must be some structural similarity and obviously there would be a functional similarity between those two genes [ - ].The Shanthi Fortune (India) Pvt.


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