Strategic planning case

Advancement services has taken on more duties in recent years as institutions change the way they collect, analyze, report, and use data for strategic purposes.

Strategic planning case

In recent years, the competition seriously eroded an ,plus membership base and sent earnings on a roller coaster ride, dipping into the red for two of the past three fiscal years.

Producer of highly acclaimed public television shows. Besieged by competition and reductions in federal and corporate funding. Losses in two of the last three fiscal years.

Downward trend in membership.

Strategic planning case

Lack of internal consensus about the financial viability of key department. New competitors, including internet and cable. Competition from local stations. Build and grow a strong membership base by refining programming to focus on target demographic.

Re-position production for long-term growth.


Maximize revenue potential from key programs. Meaningful Change in a Short Timeframe The Chief Operating Officer was committed to getting to the heart of performance issues that were causing the organization to stumble. He also knew that his position made it difficult to be objective.

Late in the year — with the clock ticking down to the start of budgeting for the next two fiscal years — he called Leading Resources Inc. He had the respect of the staff from the beginning. In confidential interviews with managers, he asked frank questions: What conflicts underlie these issues?

What factors need to be in place to achieve success? After a week of interviews, Douglas prepared a situation analysis, focusing on what he felt were the two most crucial opportunities to address during the strategic planning process.

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Strengthen and grow membership through targeted programming. As the two departments fine-tuned programming to reach this target audience, Gross Ratings Points GRPs — an industry measurement of time spent viewing — would guide them.

Restructure production operation for long-term profitability. Producing had become less economically viable for most major public television stations. With competition falling away, we had the potential to turn its production operation into a long-term growth engine.

But only if managers could impose the discipline it would take to restructure their production portfolio to favor profitability. Creating Task Forces Early in process, the management team met for the first of three strategy sessions. Douglas kicked off the meeting by presenting his analysis.

Each task force brought together people from multiple departments to collaborate on a specific set of assignments. He keeps the process moving forward. It was the beginning of a process to get that clarity.TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis Strategic Planning and Management in Transit Agencies examines the value and benefits of strategic planning and management in transit agencies.

Strategic planning case

Strategic Planning While discussing the cases featured in this section, students will find themselves in the shoes of top government officials as they confront difficult trade-offs. The real-world examples at play relate to a host of topics such as transportation and infrastructure, public health, and labor relations.

By Erica Olsen. For an excellent example of strategic planning at work, consider the following case study. Cisco and Monitor Global Business Network set out to develop scenarios that answered important questions about the future of the Internet.

a new strategic planning process begins Five years ago our community came together to develop our first strategic plan in nearly two decades, Forward Thinking. This effort involved literally dozens of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends from across the campus – and, in some cases, around the world.

Case Study: Strategic Plan Development & Implementation This Case Study describes how Gagnon Associates helped in the development and implementation of this client’s first, comprehensive strategic plan.

Sep 21,  · Strategic planning Magazine Article Michael E. Porter Awareness of these forces can help a company stake out a position in its industry that is .

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