The values of an education

The first sentence of the massive statement of the Educational Policies Commission of the National Education Association in stated that "A great and continuing purpose of education has been the development of moral and spiritual values. To fulfill this purpose, society calls upon all its institutions.

The values of an education

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The values of an education

Academic Excellence Central to our history and tradition is the commitment to teaching, to the individual learner, and to active involvement in the teaching-learning process. Western is committed to an academic environment that encourages lifelong development as learners, scholars, teachers, and mentors.

The values of an education

Educational Opportunity Western values educational opportunity and welcomes those who show promise and a willingness to work toward achieving shared educational goals.

WIU is committed to providing accessible, high quality educational programs and financial support for our students.

Grad Trac - This program guarantees graduation in four years.

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Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Wisconsin residents receive Illinois in-state tuition rates. Personal Growth Because Western values the development of the whole person, WIU is committed to providing opportunities for personal growth in an environment that supports the development of wellness, ethical decision making, and personal responsibility.

Social Responsibility Western is committed to equity, social justice, and diversity, and will maintain the highest standards of integrity in our work with others.

WIU serves as a resource for and stimulus to economic, educational, cultural, environmental, and community development in our region and well beyond.

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The University, which was one of three Illinois public universities to receive the distinction, joined other institutions across the U.Shows that values education is essential to effective schooling Links the effects of values education to all the important educational measures Shows that values education is a worldwide, contemporary phenomenon Shows that values education fits well with updated brain and pedagogical research.

Values-based Education is the golden thread in our school contributing to excellent learning, articulate young children and harmonious learning environments.

- Joseph Piatczanyn - Deputy Headteacher Cranfield C of E Academy, Bedford. Extensive resources for character education and teaching children values with accelerated learning techniques. Moral Values In Education DOI: / 23 | Page (p).

The Piagetan model of moral education includes teaching core values, but goes beyond this to encourage children to question authority and to promote the dialogue and interaction that will help them.

Transforming Schools. Now reaching over 1 million students, Values-based Education inspires children, young people and adults to adopt and live positive human values.

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The following list of values will help you develop a clearer sense of what’s most important to you in life, as explained in the article Living Your Values. Simply copy or print this list, mark the values which most resonate with you, and then sort your list in order of priority.

While most values.

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