Types of engineers

Electrical and Geotechnical Engineering.

Types of engineers

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Geological Geological engineers apply geological data, techniques and principles to the investigation of natural materials such as rock, soil and ground water.

They determine the suitability of various locations for buildings, dams, highways, airfields, pipelines and tunnels, and are involved in the design of these structures. Much of their information comes from images provided by the network of satellites orbiting the earth.

Types of engineers

Geomatics engineers also help airplane navigation and position offshore rigs. Industrial engineers are concerned with the management side of operations, while Manufacturing engineers focus on the Manufacturing process. The broad span of their knowledge allows them to work in almost every type of business.

Engineers in these two fields follow a general course in which they study aspects of all the major engineering fields - civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical etc. Engineers with this kind of general background are well placed to work in many industries. Most will specialize in a specific area only after graduation.

Materials Material engineers study the properties of existing materials, find new ways to work with them and develop new materials. Material engineers work in a variety of fields. For example, the petrochemical industry requires material engineers because many modern materials, such as synthetic rubbers and plastics, are made from the by-products of petroleum refining.

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Other material engineers may work in the automotive or aerospace industries. Engineers in these fields are really interested in harnessing the heat resistant properties of ceramics for use in engines. Still others might study all the materials related to housing- insulation, bricks, wood, cement etc.Civil engineering is one of the oldest types of engineering.

It involves the design, construction and management of municipal infrastructure, highways, railways, transit systems, airports, harbours, bridges, tunnels and buildings. Civil engineers also ensure the availability of high quality water supply and sewage treatment facilities. Bio medical engineering is new and emerging fields and number of biomedical engineers among different types of engineers are growing rapidly as compared to .

All The Types of Engineers From A-Z A All the types engineers that starts with a are AC, Aeronautic, Aircraft, Architectural, Automation and Automotive. Continental engineers.

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This is an arbitrary division forced by the limitations involved in handling large files. Abt, Roman Born in Bunzen, Switzerland on 17 July and died Lucerne 1 May Civil engineering is the design, implementation and maintenance of public works. This involves facilities and structures such as arenas, large-scale monuments, government buildings, transportation routes as well as other structures.

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